Three Exercise Tips for Men Over Fifty

Age should not stop men over the age of fifty from performing rigorous exercise. There are clear health benefits associated with intense strength training and aerobic conditioning. Increased testosterone, heightened HGH levels, improved insulin sensitivity and increase in muscle mass are just some of the known benefits that older man can reap from a steady exercise program. Here are three exercise tips for men over 50.

Perform Intense Compound Movements

Fitness Experts will tell you that the best movements that transform the body and provide functional strength are compound movements. Exercises such as squats, deadlifts, rows, and bench press places a great deal of adaptive stress on the body – leading to a healthy development of muscle mass, increased anabolic hormone levels such as testosterone, HGH, IGF-1 and catecholamines, and improve strength. The other derived benefits from performing these compound movements is that they are completely functional by mimicking real life movements. Men over the age of 50 should consider using a personal trainer to show proper technique to avoid injuries.

Use High Intensity Interval Training

Older men do not have time and energy to spend all day in the gym. Hence, for basic aerobic conditioning, it is better to use a training protocol like high intensity interval training versus running on a treadmill or cycling. Slow paced cardio, while from time to time is beneficial, can also be detrimental towards developing functional strength. Studies have shown that incessant bouts of slow paced cardio raises cortisol levels, can be debilitating on the lower body, decreases strength, and can hamper fat burning efforts. Performing sprints, tabatas and other high intensity programs can be beneficial. However, more advanced training systems such as CrossFit should be used with caution. Again, in this instance, older men should consult with an experienced fitness expert to devise a high intensity interval training program suitable for their needs and current health condition.

Try Yoga

Without a doubt, one of the biggest issues that older men face is a lack of mobility, sore joints, and worse of all – a bad back. However, men should try doing two to three yoga sessions per week to help improve flexibility and mobility. Yoga will help stretch out muscle fascia, loosen up joints and improve muscular flexibility. Yoga not only will help those arenas, but also work in tandem with an a suitable strength training program. Yoga is a staple now in the exercise community. Many gyms, community centers, and schools offer free yoga classes.

Exercise for older men does not have to be different from what younger men would do. Its just a matter of using more caution and discretion before trying to dive head into a intense exercise regimen. Things are a bit different as the body ages, but with the right trainer and medical supervision, older men should still be able to work at intense levels to help keep the body in shape.