Health Science Degree Salary

Health Science Degree SalaryThe Health Science Degree salary is rewarding for individuals who have earned a Health Science degree. Health Science Degree programs prepare students for a variety of positions in the healthcare field. Students gain a sound understanding of the health industry and commonly study healthcare policy, healthcare operations, and medical ethics. Common Health Science Degree courses include chemistry, biology, healthcare ethics, organizational management, patient care, community health, and medical terminology. Some health science degree programs enable students to concentrate in a specific area, like environmental health or physical therapy.

Examples of the top schools that offer health science degrees include Weber State University, Ohio State University, and Arizona State University. Weber State University offers an associates degree in health sciences that requires 60 total credit hours, including 20 credits of health sciences courses like medical terminology, pathophysiology, and case studies in health sciences. A bachelors degree in health sciences is offered by Ohio State University and the program enables students to select general health sciences, health and wellness, or health management. Arizona State University offers a completely online bachelors degree in health sciences degree and it is a cross-disciplinary program that strives to prepare students for a range of career options.

Details of Health Science Degree Salary Ranges

The average Health Science Degree Salary for graduates with a health science degree varies on numerous aspects, such as position, education, experience, location, employer, benefits, and job performance. The typical starting Health Science Degree Salary is around $39,000 per year.

Examples of possible positions for graduates of health science degrees include health services manager, health system analyst, medical assistant, and health program coordinators. The median yearly salary for health services managers is around $84,000; health system analyst $66,000; medical assistant $41,000; and health program coordinator $56,000.

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Overall, the health science jobs that pay the most require a master’s degree or higher. For example, physician’s assistants make up to $125,000 per year. The jobs that are in the most demand are those that are essential to maintaining daily operations of medical facilities. Examples of high demand positions include medical assistants, healthcare administrators, and medical records and health information technicians. Those with a health science degree can maximize their earnings in numerous ways. One potential way is furthering education at either the bachelors or masters degree levels to demonstrate expertise in the field. Another is gaining sufficient experience in the health sciences fields. Many upper-level health science professionals begin their careers in small medical facilities helping with daily operations and then move up to executive positions after an extensive amount of time. Gaining specialized experience in a specific area is also helpful for health science professionals to enhance their pay. Health science professionals who have specialized experience often earn higher salaries because they can demonstrate a thorough knowledge of a certain area and appeal to specific niches in the health care arena. The Health Science Degree salary can be very lucrative for individuals wanting to pursue meaningful careers in the healthcare field.