Health Science Degrees in Idaho

College students who are seeking health science degrees in Idaho will locate numerous well-respected degree programs in this Pacific Northwest state. It may be more widely known for producing nearly a third of the nation’s potatoes, but the state is definitely no slouch when it comes to the sciences. Idaho’s industries are dominated by its expanding roster of science and technology companies. More than 70 percent of the state’s exports and over 25 percent of its total revenue are a direct result of the activities of its bustling science and technology sector.

Idaho State University

College of Technology

Offering outstanding academics amongst the natural beauty of the American West, Idaho State University draws students from around the world to its four Idaho campuses with more than 275 degree programs in health professions, energy, pharmacy, business, education, nuclear research, biological science, engineering, technology, performing and visual arts, and the humanities. The university’s College of Technology strives to give students the attitude, knowledge and technical skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive workplace. Its roughly 40 programs are designed with both students and area business and industries in mind, a strategy that has resulted in a job placement rate of more than 90 percent for the college’s graduates.

Bachelor of Science in Health Science

Idaho State University’s Bachelor of Science in Health Science degree program is intended for students who have already earned, or are in the process of earning, an approved associates degree in a health-related field. Providing a general health science focus, this degree program is specially designed to incorporate their existing associates degrees into an educational foundation that can serve as a launching pad for additional graduate or professional training in a broad range of health science professions like hospital administrations, dentistry, medical technology, physical therapy, medicine and occupational therapy. In order to receive their bachelor’s degrees, students must complete a total of at least 120 credits. This is comprised of 20 to 24 credits from the health science core curriculum, up to 50 credits from their existing associates degree, a minimum of 25 credits in health occupations concentration requirements, and at least 36 credits that fulfill the general education objectives. After completing their bachelor’s degrees, graduates will be prepared to continue their studies with advanced training or graduate study.

921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatella, ID 83209
Phone: 208-282-2622

Brigham Young University-Idaho

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

The largest private university in Idaho, Brigham Young University-Idaho’s student body includes students from throughout the United States and nearly 70 countries. With eight colleges, the university offers more than 10 associates degree programs and over 80 bachelor’s degree programs. Its College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is dedicated to providing students interested in pursuing careers in the areas of health, recreation and human performance, nursing, biology, applied plant science, and animal and food science with top notch educational programs that provide preparation for professional success and foster an appreciation for life-long learning.

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

Fusing theory and practical application in coursework and service fieldwork, the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree program at Brigham Young University in Idaho prepares students to work in health care settings, business and schools. To better customize the degree program, students choose between three emphases. Students planning to work in the public health sector can choose the public health emphasis. An occupational safety and health emphasis is intended for students who want to work in the field of workplace safety or participate in graduate programs on industrial hygiene and safety. The health promotion emphasis is designed for students who plan to work in health counseling or wellness coaching. It also suits those students who wish to continue their education at the graduate level with programs for physician’s assistants or occupational therapists. To earn their bachelor’s degrees, student must complete a minimum of 120 credits. This includes coursework to fulfill major, emphasis, foundational and elective requirements. Graduates will be prepared to enter health science positions or to continue their education with more advanced study.

525 South Center Street
Rexburg, ID 83460
Phone: 208-496-1411

Idaho may be best known for raising abundant crops of potatoes, but this fertile Northwestern state is also growing a flourishing science and technology sector. Prospective college students who are investigating health science degrees in Idaho will uncover quite a few top quality programs at the state’s colleges and universities.

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