Health Science Degrees in Arkansas

Health Science Degrees in Arkansas offer a comprehensive education in theoretical learning and practical, hands-on experience within the field. Students who are interested in pursuing careers in the medical industry will likely benefit from this type of degree. The courses taken can range from biology, chemistry, healthcare policy, environmental studies, physics and more depending on the specialization of the student’s interest. Health science degrees can provide students with lucrative careers in very broad spectrums from healthcare management to radiology specialists. The following six institutions are some of the best health science schools and programs in the beautiful state of Arkansas: 

Arkansas State University

College of Nursing and Health Professions

The College of Nursing and Health Professions at the University of Arkansas was established in 1982 and prides themselves on graduating students that are highly sought after and earn among some of the highest salaries in the field upon graduation. All programs are nationally accredited and require classroom and clinic coursework to be complete upon earning a degree.

With over 500 clinically affiliated health facilities across the region, the school has a focus to ensure that students are well prepared upon entering the workforce. The college enrolls over 1,700 students between its undergraduate and graduate programs.

Master in Health Science

Accredited by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, the Master in Health Science degree does not provide a specific discipline or require a specialization for studies. The degree is designed for those students who may already be involved in the healthcare industry and are looking to expand their knowledge and advance their education credentials. The department goal in providing the degree is to give students a unique advantage to actively participate in leadership roles in their perspective specialization.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and require a completion of 15 core elective courses, a thesis and an internship. Students take courses such as U.S. Health Care, Research Design and Methodology, and Health Care Issues and Policy. Master in Health Science students also need to complete the requirements for at least one graduate certificate. The certificate options include Aging Studies, Health Science Education, Addiction Studies or Health Care Management.


2105 E Aggie Road
Jonesboro, AR 72401
(870) 972-2100

Arkansas Tech University

College of Natural and Health Sciences

One of the sayings of the college is that it is important for students to not only know but to “know how” in the field of natural and health science. The college itself is divided in four divisions: biological sciences, physical sciences, mathematics and nursing. Each individual area has its own degrees offered within, however, all still under one umbrella as the College of Natural and Health Sciences.

Individualized advising, high quality of education and clinical experiences that allow students to have “the know how” is what sets this college apart. The school is accredited and utilizes modern, well equipped laboratories to give students top notch experiences.

BS- Health Information Management

Under the biological sciences department in the allied health area, the Health Information Management program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education. Students learn how to code and classify data, protect patient privacy and provide information security. All students must comply with standards and regulations according to the Code of Ethics of the American Health Information Management Association into their professional careers.

While general coursework required to earn the Bachelors degree in normally taken in the first full year, the second year students can expect to take most of their Health Information Management courses. Once the student is a senior, they are required to incorporate professional practice into their schedules for six hours per week at an affiliated hospital in the fall and spring semesters. After being granted the degree, students are then eligible to sit for the national examination.


1605 N Coliseum Dr.
Russellville, AR 72801
(479) 968-0237

Hendrix College

The Department of Kinesiology

The Kinesiology department at Hendrix highlights the value of a liberal arts education. In effort to encourage life long learning and service to its students, the school’s motto is “unto the whole person.” Hendrix college was established in 1876 and is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. The average class size is a 17:1 ratio giving the students the opportunity for individualized education.

In 2007, the department of kinesiology moved into a new 95,000 square foot wellness and athletic facility. The kinesiology laboratory is open to all students in the department and is filled with new state of the art equipment which makes the laboratory able to function in a role where students can conduct a variety of human physiological testing.

Bachelor – Health Science

The Health Science major emphasizes a comprehensive understanding of the human body including health, fitness and overall wellness. Students are required to take 12 credit hours to complete the degree, ten courses are core classes such as Core Cell Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology. After all the core classes are completed, students have an option of choosing two courses from the areas of Physical and Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant, or Nursing in preparation for a specialization.

There are suggested electives for students opting to gain additional insight ethics in medicine, behavioral neuroscience, medical sociology and more. The department also offers numerous professional organizations that students can get involved with to increase networking and publication opportunities. The Health Science major at Hendrix college under the kinesiology department prepares students for professional positions that are versatile.


1600 Washington Ave
Conway, AR 72032
(501) 329-6811

University of Arkansas – Fort Smith

The College of Health Sciences

The College of Health Sciences houses nine unique programs including dental hygiene, surgical technology, radiography, and more. The college has a high standard to provide a “learner-centered and a future-oriented” atmosphere as well as making sure that its students are prepared for upcoming trends in the industry. Certificates, Associates and Bachelors degrees are all offered under the department.

Faculty, and staff at the college consider students as active partners in the industry. The Pendergraft Health Sciences Center at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith is a state of the art facility that the college is extremely proud of due to its high-tech environment. The facility allows students the opportunity to gain first hand experience with new technology that emerges in their perspective industry as it is created.

Bachelor of Health Sciences Nursing

Admissions into the Bachelor of Health Sciences Nursing program requires the university admissions process to be complete, a background check as well as some other pre-requisites that need to be met specific to the program if you have already attended college before. Once admitted to the program, you will need to provide additional documentation such as proof of immunizations, and a student health statement/medical release form.

Students can expect to take on a comprehensive course load that provides much detail into the world of nursing. Although there will be some general courses not specific to the field, most courses will entail direct application to the understanding of nursing.


5210 Grand Ave
Fort Smith, AR 72904
(479) 788-7000

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Department of Health, Human Performance and Sports Management

This department offers Bachelors and Masters degree programs, and is big on scientific study, technical concepts and practical application for its students. The individualized studies provide opportunities for careers in management, health education, sports, and leisure activities.

The Arkansas Coaching Endorsement under the department allows interested students to become coaches in the state of Arkansas. This is a unique aspect to the various programs unlike any other school in the state. The department also has a leisure science program that is unique in ensuring students value the importance of daily exercise. Focus in all programs under the department continues to adheres to a well rounded experience for its students.

Master in Health Science

The Master in Health Science degree at the university can set students onto a variety of paths depending on student interest. Some professional areas can include clinics, businesses, and sports and wellness facilities. Admissions into the program includes undergraduate transcripts, GRE test scores, letter of intent and three letters of recommendation.

Students will learn how to be engaged in community service learning activities, and behavioral research. All students are required to complete nine hours of core requirements and twenty-seven hours in a specialization area of their choice.


2801 S University Ave
Little Rock, Arkansas 72204
(501) 569-3000

University of Central Arkansas

Department of Health Science

The Department of Health Sciences at the University of Central Arkansas take great initiative in providing their graduates with preparation to immediately posses leadership, and management positions upon graduation. Entry into the graduate program requires that students held a minimum of a 2.7 overall undergraduate GPA. GRE scores are also required to be admitted into the college.

Each year the department awards two major scholarships for health and science students: The Emogene Walmsley Fox Scholarship and the Arvil W. Burks Scholarship. Students must maintain between a 3.0 and 4.0 grade point average in order to qualify for the scholarships which awards $500 per semester. Both scholarships are open to seniors and graduate students.

Master of Science Degree in Health Sciences

This graduate degree is offered solely as an online program. The core requirements are to complete 18 credit hours. Occasionally, additional statistics course may be necessary to be taken depending on the students undergraduate coursework. The Master of Science degree program has an agreement with the Health Education Promotion Network.

The program has a non-thesis option which requires 36 hours and a thesis option which requires 33 hours. The program also offers graduate assistants the opportunity to work with faculty and conduct research. Students who are interested in assistantships are eligible with conditional admittance to the graduate program and once they have submitted GRE scores.


201 Donaghey Ave
Conway, AR 72035
(501) 450-5000

The Health Science Degrees regardless of which college or university a student pursues will give them a reliable education that can be immediately applicable to the workforce. These specific programs offered in Arkansas make sure the student’s commitment is well encouraged by balancing practical experience and in depth information from general knowledge to various specializations related to any career they seek to pursue.