Health Science Degrees in Arizona

More and more students are choosing to pursue Health Science degrees in Arizona. Undergraduates can choose to focus on a specific field in the health sciences, or choose a general education track. After graduating with their degree, students can find employment in the public health sector, health administration for the corporate world and other various industries. Graduates may also choose to continue to pursue their education further with graduate studies in a specific area, such as veterinary sciences or laboratory research. The programs listed below are some of the best places in Arizona to earn a degree in Health Sciences.

ASU Online

School of Nutrition and Health Promotion

Arizona State University’s Online School is ideal for those looking to earn an accredited degree from a well-known University without ever having to step on campus. Students enrolled and working towards an online degree have the same benefits as students who attend classes on campus: experienced and respected professors, a high quality library full of digital materials, and course offering designed to challenge and prepare students for their future professions. Online degrees can be completed on a much more flexible time frame than traditional classes, and the resulting degree is exactly the same as if classes were taken on campus.

Bachelor of Applied Science/Health Sciences

Arizona State University offers this unique bachelor’s completion degree for students who currently possess an associate’s degree in Applied Science. ASU’s online program allows students to complete their degree completely online while obtaining a degree that aims to be relevant across multiple disciplines. Earning an online degree is ideal for those students who may be raising children, currently employed or simply have the need or desire to complete their degree off campus.
Building on their AAS degree, students will be able to further their specific studies to complete a four year bachelor’s degree and enter the work force in their desired health related field. Students will be able to choose from a wide range of study options, as the department is well-suited to tailoring their academic offerings to meet all students’ needs. Students choosing to pursue a graduate degree in health sciences will be prepared to enter such study fields as health education and family sciences.

1151 S. Forest Ave.
Tempe AZ 85281


Health Sciences

The school of Health Sciences at College America offers a unique educational opportunity. Students who wish to earn a Bachelor’s Degree, but aren’t able to attend a traditional campus based college are the perfect fit for a College America education. Based entirely online, College America is one of the nation’s most recognized online degree granting institutions of higher education.
College America is designed entirely for the distance learner and has a full support team for its online students. Students will enjoy the same high quality education that others receive in classrooms and lecture halls from the comfort of their own home or office. Online learning offers a great deal of flexibility while providing an excellent educational experience.

Bachelor of Science Completion

College America has designed its bachelor of science completion degree for the student who may have already earned some credits in the health science field, or who may currently be working in the health sciences. This degree will allow the student to earn a bachelor of science degree from the comfort of home. Having a bachelor’s degree will greatly impact the job opportunities and potential for growth within their chosen field.
This online degree program offers a generalized approach to an education and subsequent career in the health sciences. Students will gain a strong overview of multiple disciplines and will be prepared for employment in a wide variety of fields. Graduates of College America’s program have gone on to work in hospital administration, health education, long term care facilities and more. Students who are interested in studying the health sciences, but are not ready to specialize in one particular area will be well suited with this program.

9801 N Metro Parkway East
Phoenix, AZ 85051
(800) 972-5149

Northern Arizona University

College of Health and Human Services

Northern Arizona University is a school that is rich in history and prides itself on its high ranking programs and excellence in education. The university prides itself on preparing students for successful and enriching careers in their chosen fields. The educational experience at NAU is one that remains with students for a lifetime.
On the main campus in Flagstaff, over 20,000 students enjoy its cutting edge educational facilities. The university also boasts over 30 distance learning campuses across Arizona as well as a flourishing online university experience. There is truly a perfect academic fit for every student at Northern Arizona University.

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences: Public Health

Students looking to gain a general knowledge public health degree, or who are planning to attend graduate school will be well suited with Northern Arizona University’s BS in Health Sciences. With a focus on disease prevention and health promotion, this undergraduate degree program will prepare students for graduate studies or to enter the workplace.

Master of Administration With an Emphasis in Health Sciences (ONLINE)

NAU’s online school offers this master’s degree program for the career professional who is looking to earn a degree in only two year’s time, with the flexibility offered by an online program. Students should hold a bachelor’s degree and be currently working full time in a health sciences field, with a goal of working in health promotion.

208 E. Pine Knoll Dr.
PO Box: 15095
Flagstaff AZ, 86011

South Mountain Community College

South Mountain Community College students earn associate’s degrees or completion certificates that can be transferred to a four year college or university. Beginning one’s education at SMCC is a wise decision. Students gain a valuable, high quality education in an affordable and supportive environment.

SMCC is proud of its small class size and excellent student to faculty ratio. Small class sizes ensure that each student is treated as an individual and receives the ideal educational experience unique for them. Classes are offered at locations and times that are varied and convenient for all kinds of students.

Behavioral Health Sciences

The Behavioral Health Sciences school at SMCC offers two different tracks of study: Basic and Advanced. The Basic track provides students with a generalized overview of the health sciences, allowing them to have a firm understanding of their chosen area of specialty when continuing their education. The Advanced track allows students to focus on a specific area of the health sciences. Students will be prepared to enter the workforce or continue with their education and earn a bachelor’s degree at a college or university.

7050 South 24th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85042-5806

University of Arizona

College of Public Health

A public research university, U of A serves its students and community while providing the highest level of education and outreach. The National Science Foundation ranked the university 19th out of all public universities. Students enjoy the education imparted to them by prestigious, award winning faculty while utilizing a state of the art campus with all the latest technology and learning advancements.

The University of Arizona hosts the state’s only college that is accredited in public health. The Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health serves students working to enter into the world of public health employment. Students receive an education full of rich opportunities, excellent field work experiences and a dedicated staff and faculty.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) with a Major in Public Health

Students seeking an education that will lead them to a career in the public health sector will be prepared for gainful employment thanks to their University of Arizona education. A very important part of the university experience is a student’s field work. At the University of Arizona, students are placed in field work positions that will challenge, educate and prepare them for real world public health employment.

Students studying public health will study a curriculum based on the individuals and communities that they will be working with upon graduation. Students will choose a track of study, focusing on either Health Behavior, Environmental and Occupational Health, or Health Delivery. Being able to choose a special focus at an undergraduate level allows the students to advance their education beyond a general health sciences degree.

Alan Beaudrie, MAOM
1295 N. Martin Ave.
P.O. Box 245163
Tucson, Arizona 85724
(520) 626-3207

There are many excellent colleges and universities from which to earn a degree in Health Sciences. The possibilities are endless with a degree in this field; it opens up a world of options to the new graduate. Students looking to graduate from a respected institution would be wise to consider earning Health Science Degrees in Arizona.

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