Which Region of the U.S. has the Best Job Outlook for Health Science Degree Graduates?

Someone who is earning a degree in health science may want to know the answer to the question: “Which region of the U.S. has the best job outlook for health science degree graduates?” Most college graduates want to live in a place where they are likely to find work in their field of expertise. The following article looks at the answer to this question and also discusses some specific careers available to someone with a health science degree.

Region with the Best Job Outlook for Health Science Graduates

The northeast region of the country is the most favorable area for employment in the health science field. Many states in the northeast are home to a variety of medical facilities. For instance, health science graduates may get a job at a public health agency in Washington, D.C. Alternatively, a lot of medical research is done at universities in Boston, Massachusetts which means there is a need for health science graduates to fill positions there. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is home to various biomedical research facilities that are in need of individuals with health science degrees. Many notable medical facilities and healthcare organizations are located in the northeast portion of the U.S. New York, California, Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania have the highest employment numbers for health service mangers, a popular career for health science graduates.

A Healthcare Administrator

A healthcare administrator is an example of a career that a health science graduate may want to pursue. This professional organizes the healthcare services in a medical facility such as a hospital or clinic. Some typical responsibilities include managing a budget, creating policies for staff members, raising funds and coordinating the daily activities of different departments within a facility. A healthcare administrator works behind-the-scenes to ensure that a medical facility is providing the best possible care for its patients.

A Health Science Writer

A health science writer is another career that may appeal to someone with a health science degree. This person translates medical documents into plain English for people outside the medical profession. For instance, a medical writer may take a complicated medical study and rewrite it so it can be published in a magazine that’s read by people without a medical background. Not only is it beneficial for this professional to have a health science degree, it is also helpful to have excellent writing skills.

A Health Educator

This professional strives to improve the overall health of the community he or she works in. For example, the person may work in a local health clinic in a small community. He or she creates programs, organizes resources and comes up with training programs for staff members all in an effort to boost the quality of the healthcare provided to patients visiting the clinic. A health educator may even go out into the community and into private homes to help pass along information on how to maintain good health and establish practices that will lead to better health.

A health science graduate has a lot of choices when it comes to the sort of job he or she wants to pursue. The northeast region of the country is the best option when looking at which area of the U.S. has the best job outlook for health science degree graduates.

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