What Kinds of Scholarships Are Available for Health Science Majors?

If you are dedicated to public service and you are concerned with the well-being of individuals, you may want to consider earning a Health Science degree. Health Science graduates can work in a variety of different settings in several different types of positions. From working in a clinical position in occupational therapy or physical therapy, to working in a non-clinical job in the pharmaceutical industry or in hospital administration, a Health Sciences degree prepares you for a variety of different career and educational opportunities that are all related to health care.

Pursuing a Health Science degree, just like any other type of degree, can be an expensive venture. Not only must you pay for tuition, you also have to worry about buying your books and all of the supplies you will need throughout the degree program. While grants and financial aid are forms of “free” money that can help, may students will apply for Direct Loans and private loans to cover the expenses financial aid does not cover. If you get good grades or you qualify for scholarship opportunities, you should apply for these scholarships to receive the financial assistance you need to make it through school without being buried in a pile of debt. Here is some information to help you find scholarships as a Health Science major.

Where to Start Looking?

When you are applying for scholarships, the first thing you need to do is understand where the competition lies. As you might imagine, hundreds or even thousands of students are applying for the same scholarships as you are, and funds are limited. The best place to start looking is on a school level. Most colleges have scholarships that are only awarded to students who attend the specific college. These scholarships are where there is the smallest amount of competition. You can then ask the Student Affairs office through the school for a list of other scholarships offered from outside parties and foundations that may cater specifically to Health Science Majors. The competition for these scholarships is higher, but not as high as national scholarships available to students all throughout the country.

Scholarships Just For Health Science Majors

Not all scholarships are field specific, but you will find some scholarships that are just for students pursuing Health Science degrees. If you are looking for scholarships that cater to you as a Health Sciences student, here are some that you may want to apply for after you have filled out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid:

Health Professions Education Scholarship

The Health Professions Education Scholarship offered by the Health Professions Education Foundation will provide Health Science majors with up to $10,000 in scholarship funds if the student signs a contract to work in an under-represented area for at least two years after graduating. This is one of the 6 scholarships that the foundation offers to majors in the health field. In addition to the scholarship, the foundation has a Loan Repayment Forgiveness program that can be very helpful in lowering student loan debt after graduation.

HRSA Scholarships

If you are a disadvantaged student who cannot pay for your schooling, you may want to apply for the needs-based scholarship available through the US Health Resources and Services Administration. HRSA Scholarships are for students who are in health programs and who have financial barriers that get in the way of educational goals. In addition to scholarships, you can also commit to serving in the National Health Service Corps in exchange for a scholarships that will cover living expenses, tuition, and supplies.

Take your time to look for private scholarships, and always check for different awards offered by the school you plan on attending. Apply for as many scholarships as possible, gather all of the documents and letters you need, and receive the funding you deserve for dedicating yourself to your education.