What Changes are Expected in the Field of Health Science?

The great thing about health science is that it is a field that is constantly changing, which begs the question of “What changes are expected in the field of health science?” Whether you are a student going into the field or someone who has already completed their degree, knowing what changes are ahead in the field can better prepare you in terms of what to expect and it can also help you suit yourself to the industry’s needs. Below are just a few of the major changes occurring in the health sciences field.

Climate Change is More Serious than Ever

According to Yale University’s Climate and Energy Institute, there are some major changes occurring in how health science addresses climate change. Climate change has a significant impact on human health for the reason that it can affect disease patterns, reduce air quality, influence respiratory disease, and increase the spread of deadly pathogens. To better regain control of the climate and to mitigate the harm that climate change can incur on humans, Yale and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences are beginning to heavily focus on how to reduce climate change and protect human health. Therefore, if you are considering the field of health science, one area that is an extremely useful point of focus is climate change and climate initiatives.

More Prominent Projects

Due to the advancement of science, there are currently a number of hot areas in the field of health sciences. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, scientific advancements are spurring a great demand in the research and understanding of areas like endocrine disruptors, environmental epigenetics, exposure biology, global environmental health, oil spill response, and nano materials. By posing a greater focus on these areas, the field of health science will be able to better understand the connection between human health, genetics, and biological mechanisms.

Affordable Healthcare Act and Demand

Finally, this year’s graduation speeches in the health sciences field brought about more than simple congratulations to many students. Christine Boyer, the recipient of the Outstanding Graduate Student Award in Health Sciences, urged her fellow students to consider how the affordable healthcare act affects the need for top professionals in the field. As she pointed out, with the healthcare act, more and more institutions require students that are able to adapt to what is needed. For instance, there is a need for more health care leaders, drug researchers, testers, patient care professionals, and researchers that can overcome obstacles to provide the growing number of patients with the treatment they require.
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With global and domestic changes, health science professionals must be able to address the need for individuals that can aptly research and understand the changes that are going on and how they can affect human health. As a student or professional just starting out in the field, it can be very much to your advantage to get into the field of climate change, join some of the prominent projects listed, or position yourself in the healthcare industry so you can address the area’s growing demand. Whatever you choose to do, you will be well prepared, as you now know the answer to the question of “What changes are expected in the field of health science?”