What Can I Do With a Master’s in Public Health?

Public health is essential to today’s world as it is the science involved in preventing illness, disease, injury, and disability. The field strives to promote a healthier population and quality of life. The main purposes of the field are prevention of medical conditions and addressing the health needs of populations. Many individuals seek to pursue a career in public health and a common question is “what can I do with a Master’s in Public Health?” Education, research, community practice, and administration and management hold viable career opportunities for someone with an advanced degree in public health.


Public health focuses a great deal on providing individuals and communities with valuable information to help foster an understanding of the cause and effects of illnesses and diseases and ways to prevent their spreading and contraction. Professionals working in this area commonly work for community organizations, federal and state health agencies, and health service delivery organizations. Examples of job titles include outreach specialist, community health educator, and health program advocate. Another aspect of the education division of public health is health education. This is involved with the development and implementation of ways to improve overall health and the education of future public health professionals. Public health educators commonly work for postsecondary educational institutions and some may even work in secondary schools. Examples of job titles include health professors and dean of public health schools.


Since health care is constantly evolving, rigorous research is needed to keep up with the challenges of the field. Public health professionals working in research must have interdisciplinary research abilities and a background in science. They participate in an array of public health research topics, such as automobile accidents, biohazards, influenza, cancer, aging, air pollution, child abuse, obesity, nutrition, vaccines, and sanitation. Public health individuals specializing in research commonly work for a variety of national research agencies, private research organizations, public and private foundations, academic institutions, government agencies, and health service delivery entities. Job titles include research associate, vaccine researcher, data analyst, director of public health research, and epidemiologist.

Community Practice

Working in the community practice sector of public health provides individuals with the flexibility for an array of job titles. These professionals may also specialize in other fields, such as allied health. They provide care to patients from a public health perspective and incorporate the principles and strategies of the field into their practice. Public health professionals in community practice commonly work for local, state, and federal health agencies, rehabilitation centers, consulting firms, and specialized centers for public health. Possible job titles are child health specialist, health advocate, and public health registered nurse.

Administration and Management

Both the private and public divisions of health care are constantly expanding; necessitating that administrative and management personnel effectively run organizations. These professionals commonly work for medical facilities, insurance companies, pharmaceutical firms, and government agencies. Job titles include hospital administrator, information systems manager, and policy analyst.

A Master’s in public health is a great choice for individuals seeking to make a difference in today’s health care fields and related areas. The field will continue to grow and graduates of the degree will likely continue to have favorable job opportunities.