What are the Top Recommended Books, Blogs and Magazines for a Health Science Major?

As a health science major, you can remain on top of current trends and go beyond what you learn in your classes by reading the top recommended books, blogs and magazines for health science students. The next time you have some free time in between classes, you can sit down with a magazine, read a few chapters in a book, check out a new blog or use an app on your phone to learn more.

Top Books

The top books for health science majors include best sellers like the Maxwell Quick Medical Reference by Robert W. Maxwell. This book provides updated information on the symptoms of common diseases, disease treatments and disease prevention. Sarah Mupo recommends the book House on Fire: The Fight to Eradicate Smallpox by William Foege. This book looks at the research done by scientists into smallpox and how doctors fight to end the spread of this disease. You may also appreciate Missing Microbes: How the Overuse of Antibiotics Is Fueling Our Modern Plagues by Dr. Martin J. Blaser, which deals with how diseases spread in the modern world because of the overuse of antibiotics.

Best Blogs

When you have a smartphone or tablet handy, you can check out a few health blogs. Covering Health is one of the top blogs for those interested in reading the latest news because it publishes multiple articles every day on research and health news. Malaria Matters is another interesting blog that specifically focuses on what doctors and scientists do to stop the spread of malaria. You may want to keep an eye on the humorously named Barf Blog, too, which offers updated information on food safety.

Magazines to Read

When looking at the top recommended books, blogs and magazines for health science students, you’ll find magazines designed for professionals and college students alike. Magazines like Life Extension, Muscle & Fitness and Fitness RX for Women help those with less experience understand how they can better their lives and improve their bodies. These magazines offer tips on getting in shape, losing weight and eating healthier. Dermatology is a little more professional in nature and focuses on news and research into skin conditions. Other magazines that health science students might enjoy include Discover, Scientific American, Science News, Psychology Today and ID: Ideas & Discoveries Magazine.

Apps to Download

In addition to blogs, magazines and books, you can download a few apps to your phone too. Spotify Running uses your Spotify app and determines the pace at which you walk and run. It then selects songs that will help you move a little faster to get you in shape. Essential Anatomy 5 is a paid app that puts all the information found in your anatomy textbook in the palm of your hands. You can view all parts of the human body and see what each part does. There are also apps designed for nursing and medical students that help them prepare for their licensing and medical school exams.

While you’ll learn a lot in your health science classes, you can keep learning on your own. With some of the top recommended books, blogs and magazines for health science students and apps that you download, you can get in shape, learn about anatomy and prepare for tests too.

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