What Can I Do to Stand Out as a Health Science Major?

Health sciences is a very broad discipline that leads to various career paths, but to improve your chances of landing exactly where you want to be, it is important to stand out as a health science major. The U.S. Census Bureau expects positive job growth in this sector. Consequently, many students are pursuing this major for their associate or bachelor’s degree (please see: Top 10 Best Online Health Science Degree Programs). For anyone to be a star in this field, you would have to prove your passion for health care-related issues long before you completed your degree.

Boost your Academic Performance

Getting excellent grades, especially in your core courses, is one way to demonstrate your commitment to learning the underlying concepts that would help you move forward in a clinical or non-clinical health career. Good grades will get you noticed by the faculty. Make an effort to participate in class and in collaborative efforts with your peers. Your professors are most likely affiliated with hospitals, non-profit companies and other health-related corporations. You may be able to secure a reference, or at the very least, you could get an inside track on internships or hiring practices at these companies.

Volunteer your Time and Talent

Kindness and generosity are basic characteristics for those who opt for careers that involve helping others. To stand out as a health science major, you should cultivate a sincere, helpful and compassionate persona. Seek out volunteer opportunities that are related to your intended career path. Assisting with free clinics, health screening projects in under-served communities and public health research will provide real-world exposure to issues that you will eventually face as a health care professional. At the same time, you will be demonstrating the generosity and selflessness that should be basic requirements for people in helping professions. It is also an excellent opportunity to network with your peers and other healthcare professionals.

Support Health-Related Causes

Participate in causes that you care about especially if they are related to your chosen career. There are fundraisers that support research and awareness efforts for breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart health, muscular dystrophy and just about any disease. Support these movements with active participation in the fundraising campaigns. Associate your name with worthy causes, and make sure that your participation is consistent. This means supporting a few causes year after year instead of jumping from one cause to the next.

Publish and Prosper

The printed word lives on forever. You can be a standout as an undergraduate in the health sciences field if you can participate in community discussions about health issues. Make your voice heard by writing letters to the editor, position papers and e-books about health issues that you care about. Make sure that your letters or papers are research-based, fact-driven and well-written with proper attribution. The Internet has made it so much easier to publish on community forums or your own blog. Consistency through passionate support for a particular cause is crucial to making a name for yourself.

Trying to stand out as a health science major is a key strategy to laying the foundation for a successful career. You will get the right exposure in terms of experience, networking opportunities with people who can help get your career started and strengthen the qualities that led you to the healthcare field, which is expected to be one of the strongest growth sectors in the coming years.