What are the Qualites of a Good Online Health Science Degree Program?

Health science degree programs can prepare you for working in a variety of professional positions, but you may need help identifying the best qualities of a good online health science degree program. These programs are available at all levels, including the associate’s level for those just starting out, the bachelor’s level for those who want to develop strong skills and advanced programs for those with more experience. While you’ll find hundreds of these programs available online. The best programs share some of the same qualities.

CAAHEP Accreditation

When you narrow down your choice to a few health science degree programs, look for those that have accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. Also known as CAAHEP, this organization works with more than 20 committees that review applications from colleges and process renewal applications from colleges that already have health science degree programs. According to its official website, it was once part of the American Medical Association and began granting accreditation in the early 1980s. You can use the site to find member organizations and colleges that offer accredited degree programs.

Clinical and Research Requirements

Some students enroll in online health science programs because they think these programs are easier than those offered on college campuses. Once you take a look at some of the required classes, though, you’ll find that these programs are just as hard. A good program will offer classes that have both research and clinical components. Instead of doing tests in a laboratory, you’ll perform the same tests and experiments over your computer. Some online programs will also require that you do clinical fieldwork in medical and health care facilities located in your own city.

Strong Courses

As you look at health science degree programs, look at both the courses available and the frequency of those courses. Some online schools will only offer certain classes during the fall or spring semester, which can make it harder for you to finish your degree on time. The top online colleges will offer many of the same required courses during each session. Those classes may include jobs for health science professionals, working in nonprofit health care facilities, health science research, personal health care and private facilities. Though many online schools offer traditional 16-week classes, some programs now offer more intensive six-week and eight-week classes that can help you finish your degree faster.

Online and Offline Support

Online and offline support are some of the other qualities of a good online health science degree program. Online support ensures that you never find yourself locked out of the system because you forgot your password. You can contact the college’s tech support department for help with the online system, your email and even problems with your own computer. The top colleges will also offer offline support in the form of counselors and other professionals who can help you with issues ranging from problems with your financial aid package and making payments during the semester to creating your first resume and searching for a job in the health field.

With so many health science degree programs available online, you may not know how to choose the right one. Look at the qualities of a good online health science degree program during your search, including online and offline support, strong courses, clinical and research requirements and even accreditation.

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