Is Health Science a Good Degree for Working in 3rd World Countries?

Health-Science-Degree-Third-World-CountryMany young people want to contribute some good to the world before they get too deep into their careers. Others want to make the big sacrifice and dedicate their lives to service in a third world country. If you want to do these things, then you need to choose the right degree field. While it’s true that almost any degree could give a person some skill to contribute in the third world, health-related degrees are especially necessary. Is health science a good degree for people who want to work in a third world country? It is certainly one of the best and most useful.

How Do Health Science Degrees Relate to Work in Third World Nations?

Some students will inevitably want to know about the link between a degree field’s offerings and work in underdeveloped nations. A health science degree will teach you a host of skills that might be useful in an underdeveloped country. You might learn the basics of healthcare information management, and this can be used by a non-profit organization that provides critical care. Many of these programs also feature classes in disease control, and this can be especially helpful when you are planning to work in a third-world country. The good thing about these degrees is that you can often customize your course load to prepare for whatever job you have in mind.

The Importance of Good Managers in Third World Countries

Programs like Doctors Without Borders are there to provide people with the care that they need. Many independent doctors take their own trips to these nations in order to provide care. While these people are obviously very important to the cause, good managers are also essential. Healthcare providers must partner with people who can organize the care. With a health science degree, you can play an important role in linking doctors with the people they are serving. By facilitating in this way, you will ensure that more people get the assistance they need. It is a different kind of role than many people envision when they think about working for a non-profit organization. It is every bit as important as direct care positions, though.

Getting Hired with a Health Science Degree

How a health science degree relates is only important if you can get hired by an organization that does work in those nations. Many of the best non-profits are looking for people who have dedicated themselves to this degree field. This is especially important in down economies. More and more students are leaving college without jobs, and they’re looking to kill some time by working abroad. If you study and earn a health science degree, you can better sell yourself as a person who has a legitimate interest in global health. In addition, experience is a very important factor. In the absence of that experience, having a directed degree is the next best thing.

If you want to work in the third world, then you need an appropriate degree. A health science focus will give you the skills necessary to make an impact. It will help you get a foot in the door with an influential non-profit.