How Can I Use My Health Science Degree Overseas? 

A degree in health science provides a diverse set of career possibilities, and many of the opportunities are based overseas or with extensive overseas travel required. From government agencies to non-profit organizations, health science degree graduates are well prepared to begin helping global communities in the areas of health and well-being.

Health Science Courses in Global Health

Health science majors complete a number of different courses in order to best assist individuals, communities, and organizations with the development, implementation, and assessment of programs. These programs offer everything from preventive care to medicinal support of various diseases, viruses, and public health concerns.

In addition to courses in biology, physiology, pharmacology, and epidemiology, students complete courses for the management tasks associated with public health programs. Examples include treating diverse populations and health care systems management. Most health science majors also complete a set of courses to gain knowledge and build skills in handling global health concerns. Some of these courses cover the topics of demographic health surveys, geographic approaches to global health, immunization essentials, health commodities logistics, and global health knowledge management.

Organizations Working in Global Public Health

Graduates with a health science degree are ready to begin working with several different types of organizations that provide care, programs, supplies, volunteers, and other health essentials to populations around the world. Professionals work with a number of health-related issues, including the global public health concerns of immunizations, child development, family planning, HIV awareness and care, nutrition and hunger, and sanitation. For additional information, visit the American Public Health Association website at

Government agencies based in the United States and worldwide are concerned with public health and often look to health science graduates to fill their open positions. Educational institutions might hire health science graduates to deliver health education and conduct research in global locations. Non-profit organizations utilize health science graduates in various positions from administration to health care delivery to communications. For-profit organizations, such as pharmaceutical companies, employ health science graduates for research, data collection, analysis, and assessment. Additionally, large religious-based organizations often hire health science graduates for mission, volunteer, and relief assignments.

International Health Science Positions

While there are many positions available within the United States in the health science field, there is an equal amount of need around the globe as well. In addition, some positions are based in the United States, but require employees to spend the majority of their time on location in countries and communities around the world.

Examples of careers that a health science degree prepares a candidate for are numerous. Technical advisors, program developers, and proposal managers handle many of the administrative and financial funding aspects of various health and well-being programs around the world. Research assistants, research analysts, and program assistants are also integral to researching, implementing, analyzing, and developing various programs to aid in global public health delivery.

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