Can I Work in Healthcare Administration With a Degree in Health Science?

The medical field is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing fields out there, and many people are trying to find their way into the healthcare sector with hopes of landing a good job. While the majority of those interested in healthcare prefer to be caring for patients as a physician, nurse, or other direct-care worker, others would rather remain behind the scenes to ensure that hospitals and other medical facilities run smoothly every day. Prospective healthcare administrators must complete specific educational requirements to be considered for hire, and many question whether they can work in healthcare administration with a degree in health science. Well, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

Having a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher is Required for Work in Healthcare Administration

Individuals interested in becoming a healthcare administrator are recommended to get their bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration. However, many employers do not require completion of a degree program specifically in healthcare administration. Candidates who have degrees in health science or other related fields will be hired if they have the right real-world experiences. Also, not every school has a specific degree program for the healthcare administration academic route. They may offer other similar programs, such as health science, that can meet some or all of the requirements of a traditional healthcare administration program. Most employers do favor candidates who have master’s degrees, and the master of public health degree is the most popular for a career as a healthcare administrator. In the end, a bachelor’s or master’s degree in health science may be acceptable to certain employers, but some of them will require completion of an actual healthcare administration degree program.

Most Health Science Degree Curriculum Includes the Study of Healthcare Administration

Health science is an academic route that encompasses many different medical disciplines and prepares students for various healthcare-related careers. The degree is geared towards individuals who plan on working in the medical sector in the future and want to get a taste of the variety of healthcare disciplines and jobs available. Health science is typically an undergraduate major that prepares students for entering professional schools, but there are some graduate programs as well. Healthcare administration is typically included in the health science curriculum so it is a viable educational path for people who want to become healthcare administrators.

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Experience Is Often More Valuable Than a Degree

Prospective healthcare administrators usually need at least a year of supervised clinical experience to get hired. Some health science degree programs require this type of experience as part of their graduation requirements, and others will offer aid in tracking down work or volunteer opportunities. Individuals who have healthcare-related experience plus administrative experience may be able to land a job without having the recommended educational background. In any case, a health science degree can only help you become a health administrator, even if experience matters most.

Can you work in healthcare administration with a degree in health science? Sure you can. Most health science degree programs cover healthcare administration to a certain extent, and how far you delve into the subject depends on the particular program. Work experience in a healthcare setting is also more important than having the degree itself. Unfortunately, some employers are strict on their minimum requirements, and having a healthcare administration degree on either a bachelor’s or master’s level may be mandatory.