Is There an Advantage to Getting Both a Health Science and Psychology Degree?

The advantage to getting both a health science and psychology degree is that it provides many long-term career opportunities. With today’s highly competitive job market, it is essential to become more marketable than your peers. Current job opportunities require the diverse skills that can come from a dual major degree. In fact, obtaining a dual major with a higher education degree has increased by 85% according to the United States Department of Education. This is particularly true for the fields of health science and psychology. It is important to recognize how this dual degree can benefit long-term career prospects.

Health Science Degree

Degrees in health science provide a solid foundation in math and science. Although it provides a broad education in science, this degree can offer a wider variety of career advancements and opportunities especially when compared to other degree programs and coursework. A degree in health science focuses on biology, chemistry, math, physics and statistics. A psychology major needs to have a strong background in math and science. Therefore there is a huge advantage for those who obtain a dual degree major in health science and psychology.

Psychology Degree

Psychology degree majors will have more career opportunities and career advancements when the degree is a dual major with health science. According to, there are benefits to pursuing a dual degree program in health science and psychology. Psychologists who have majored in health science can specialize in diverse fields and this offers larger ranges of employment opportunities. Psychologists are not limited to traditional careers; they have the opportunity to branch out into other health psychology fields such as clinical, occupational, public and community settings. This would include work in colleges, government agencies, mental health agencies, private practices, rehabilitation centers and universities.

Accredited Degree Programs

When looking at health science and psychology degree programs, it is important to make sure you enroll in one that is accredited (see: Top 10 Best Online Health Science Degree Programs). Accreditation offers advantages to both health science and psychology degrees as it means the educational institution has voluntarily undergone and met all the requirements set forth by the proper accreditation commissions. These rigorous requirements ensure that the highest standards are in place for students. Many employers and licensing agencies will not recognize educational achievements unless they are earned through an accredited institution. Health science degree programs are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Educational Programs(CAAHEP). Psychology degree programs are accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). Educational institutions that have received accreditation can be found on the accrediting commission’s respectable websites.

Attaining a dual major degree in health science and psychology, from an accredited higher educational institution, provides an advantage in career opportunities and advancement. Health science degrees offer a solid foundation of math and science and this will help with a specialization in psychology. With the competitiveness of today’s job market, it is important to make educational decisions that will provide long-term career options. By obtaining diverse skills in dual majors, your marketability will increase in an otherwise tough employment market.