Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science

Bachelors Degree in Health ScienceA bachelor’s degree in Health Science ensures graduates are well prepared to meet the growing and dynamic healthcare industry. Health Science students engage with a variety of healthcare topics including human anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, medical ethics and coding, biology, organic chemistry and medical technology. A bachelor’s degree in this field gives students a solid starting point for many positions within healthcare. It also opens up some specializations within the field, including nursing, and is required for the entrance into graduate-level medical schools. This degree type will appeal to those students interested in the biological sciences as well as those seeking the knowledge to help and heal. This degree is the launching platform for some of the most popular healthcare fields including doctors, surgeons, pediatrics, nursing, medical coding, technology and medical research. Potential students should be comfortable with a bustling, people-oriented work environment and the handling of complex medical issues and challenges. The most common work settings will be in hospitals, care facilities and medial laboratories.

How to Find the Top Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science Programs

Students should be highly selective when looking at colleges and universities to find the best bachelor’s degree in Health Science programs. The vast majority of universities offer Health Science degree programs within their healthcare branches. The decision to choose an online health science degree program or stick with the traditional classroom is important. Online programs offer faster-paced learning, sometimes allowing a four-year degree to be completed in three years. However, online programs tend to suffer from a lack of hands-on lab experience which is important in this degree path.

The following programs offer some of the highest ranking bachelor’s degree in Health Science programs:

1. Kaplan University: This is one of the best accredited online program catering to those students who prefer online education. Its has an extensive offering of programs, including multiple BS programs focusing on various areas within the healthcare industry. These options include programs for healthcare administration and nursing.

2. Harvard University: Students need to look no further than this Ivy League powerhouse for the best possible Health Science education. Beyond just its name, Harvard has the resources and connections to give students the best possible hands-on and field-experiences as well as the best recommendations to medical schools.

3. Everest University and College System: This university system is unique because it not only offers a wide variety of program and specialization options within Health Science, but it caters its class schedules to working adults. For students needing to work full-time during school, this school is an excellent choice. It combines the flexibility of an online program with the importance of the hands-on classroom.

Careers and Salaries for Individuals With a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Health Science find careers in a variety of healthcare fields. Usually students choose a focus within the healthcare field while they are progressing with their degree. Their junior and senior years of education will have courses focused on their area of specialization. These options are varied, and students should have a good idea of the specialization they want before their third year. Areas include community health education, healthcare administration, medical technology, nursing or medical billing and coding. Any of these options provide job opportunities immediately after graduation. The bachelor’s degree also sets a student up for an advanced medical degree which will require additional years at a dedicated medical school for patient doctor or surgical positions.

Bachelor’s degrees in Health Science salaries can vary widely by state. Some of the lowest paying states offer $45,000-$75,000 for most positions while the highest paying states average over $100,000 for many positions. Due to the immense demand for healthcare professionals, there has never been a better time to consider a bachelor’s degree in Health Science.